Altea Adventurer Academy is the main setting where the role play occurs in. 


It was established some time after the Cassius War as King Cassius I allowed the prosperity of Adventurers to flourish. Standards of Adventurers were too varied; and thus the academy was founded. Originally, it only hosted four classes which are the Archers, Clerics, Sorceresses and Warriors. It started as a small school but moved to its current location in the North. Academics joined soon after upon the advancements of science. The purpose of the academy was to train adventurers in a time of peace to be prepared for anything.


In the beginning, most of the students had suffered or witnessed the Cassius War. In order to instill a positive mindset upon them, the principal deicded to make student life vibrant before they headed out to the dangerous world.


Ace, and fight in the name of Adventuring.


Courage, Integrity, Resilience, Empathy, Responsibility, Respect and Synergy.


We, the students of Altea Adventurer Academy, pledge ourselves to be loyal to the school and our countries. We will not abuse the knowledge we gain here for our own benefit. Instead, we shall contribute what we learned here back to society and to the world. We also pledge to be respectful, resilient and be responsible for our own actions.


The curriculum lasts for four years. The 1st year covers the basics on their own classes. At the end of each term, there are exams to be taken and tests their knowledge and practical skills of their own classes.

Specialization SubjectsEdit

Beginning from the 2nd year, students may choose to take up to three subjects besides the core subjects that they take. These are known as Specialization Subjects that makes Altea Adventurer Academy unique compared to other adventuring schools.

Student InterestsEdit

There are plentiful of co-circular activities, shortened to CCAs for short that are available for students to join.

Student CouncilEdit

It consists of students mainly from all years who are selected as Prefects or Student Representatives. Prefects are those who uphold the security of the school while Student Representatives represents the bridge between the students and the teachers. The councils is in-charge of looking after the well-being of the students and acts as a bridge between the students and the faculty. Student Representatives are elected every year, while members of the Student Council are elected bi-annually from Student Representatives and Prefects. They serve two-year terms and members of the Student Council are to obey the rules at all times. If found disobeying the rules, they will lose their rights to be in the Student Council. Members of the council are to report to school earlier than the rest of the student body to plan events for the academy, such as the Founders' Festival or Spring Festivals.