Amaroso L'atore
Personal Info
Alias/es Rosie
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 175 cm / 143 lbs
Eye/Hair Color Black / Purple

3-2 / Elemental Lord


Have Fun Club/ (butler cafe name here)

Mode of Transport Staff flight
Ability Info
Weapon type Staff
Fighting style Mid to Long range
Attack Type Magical

Fire, Ice

Place of Origin Saint Haven
Relatives *Vincenzo L'atore (twin brother)

Amaroso L'atore is a third year Elemental Lord studying at Altea Adventurer Academy


When he was 9 years old, his family visited their relatives in Mana Ridge. In there did he first witnessed the power of a sorceress. He watched as Zen von Marquis flung tiny fire balls at her brother. This event sparked his ambition to become a Salaena, much to the disapproval of his father.

After a while, the cousins became close and from them did he learn about the existence of AAA. With much convincing and pleading, he was able to attain his father's permission to attend the Academy with his twin



He has shoulder length purple hair and black eyes.


Casually, he wears a collar shirt with black pants.


  • He is flirty. He would hit on pretty girls though it is usually just sweet talk.
  • He gets excitable whenever the idea of setting something on fire ran across his mind.
  • He becomes hyperactive whenever he is in the presence of his siblings, friends and cousins. But in contrary he would shy away from conversation unless he is talking to a pretty girl.
  • He may not show it, but he hates people who talks more than he does.


  • On one of his visits, Shiori pranked him by climbing to his bedroom's window wearing a mask showing a disfigured face. Upon setting the window curtain aside, Amaroso screamed and lunged for the door, his cousin laughing hysterically as the boy fled the room. 
  • Amaroso and Vincenzo developed a sort of sadistic side. This was brought about by the numerous times they watched Zen try to burn/freeze Shiori.
  • He took Advanced Offense as one of his electives.
  • He shared his cousin's like for coffee, though he preferred frapuccino. 
  • He shares his dorm room with his twin brother.