Andrew Alfton
Personal Info
Alias/es Anderp (By Haruka and co.)
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 170cm / 67.2kg
Eye/Hair Color

3-2 / Mercenary

Mode of Transport
Ability Info
Weapon type Axe
Fighting style Melee to Mid Range
Attack Type Physical
Special Ability

Foul Language Basic Lv3

Place of Origin
Relatives Vaan Egalden (as a Guardian)

Andrew Alfton is a 3rd year student at Altea Adventurer Academy. He is an Mercenary.


Andrew came from a poor family from a village that had been ravaged by the Revival of the Dragon Follower incident. He had a extremely abusive father who drank all day, and a mother who did not care much at all. He spent most of his childhood brawling with other children, coming home with bruises. When he was eleven, his mother had just left the house without a word. By then, he did not even bother as he had not even cared just as his mother did. The boy did some odd jobs to earn pocket money. Upon realising his father had stolen his money, the violent boy beat his father up and smashed all bottles before leaving his hometown for a new life.

He continued his life as before, except that he did not have a house to return to. He slept on the streets, surviving on water and stale bread. He brawled more then before, offering services to beat people up because he liked to vent his anger. However, somewhere in his heart he wondered whether this made him happy and that whether he had a life at all. When he was thirteen, he met Vaan on one of his jobs. He brashly challenged the experienced Destroyer, and it ended in his defeat. Andrew just laid there, giving up and waiting for the final blow, only to realise it did not come. Vaan gave him his hand, and this was where Andrew was adopted by the Destroyer.

After that, the boy was sent to the Academy to study.