Annelies Sekar van Noort
Sekar AAA
Personal Info
Alias/es Sekar
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 13
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 153cm / 45kg
Eye/Hair Color Hazel / Black
Mode of Transport Walking
Ability Info
Weapon type Cannon
Fighting style Ranged
Attack Type Physical
Place of Origin Mana Ridge
Relatives Noort Family
  • Tim van Noort (father)
  • Ayu van Noort (mother)

"A lady must not forget her tea time no matter how busy she is ❤"

--Annelies Sekar van Noort

Annelies Sekar van Noort is a 1st year Academic in Altea Adventurer Academy.


Being spoiled by her parents doesn’t make Sekar a pompous young lady. Instead, she act like how a 13 years old girl would do, she is really curious to her surroundings and won’t stop to ask why to everything that caught her wonder. A cheerful and bright little lady, is what people’s first impression of her. Her mother’s hobby is to make frilly dresses for her, which inspired by the latest Oh My Goddess magazine and Sekar would wear it with pleasure, even though she is actually more interested in mechanical and machinery, rather than fashions.

Her interest in mechanical and machinery started when she found a broken music box in the outskirts of Mana Ridge. She fell in love with its design, Sekar was thinking that it’d be great if the music box could be fixed, therefore, she tried to tinker with it. After a week worth of effort (with the help of her father who accidentally came home), she succeeded and the accomplished feeling she experienced that day, made her dream of making her own machine.

Knowing their daughter very well, her parents decided to make her take the entrance test to Altea Adventurer Academy when she reached 13 to pursue her dream. A decision they wouldn’t regret since Sekar is doing pretty well in that field.


She inherited her father’s hazel sharp eyes and has a long wavy black hair, which inherited from her mother (only the black hair, the wavy part is from her father). Her height is 153cm with an ideal weight. She usually wear frilly dress and lace katyusha for her informal clothes, but she’d tie her hair into a ponytail and wear a jumpsuit when she’s in the workshop, not to forget her goggles because the flame spark from welding is dangerous for eyes.


Cheerful, bright and childish, an optimistic girl who always tries everything that caught her fancy, she has a high amount of curiosity that sometimes bring her into a trouble. She can be quite mischievous, too, though! She is also a humble person, thanks to her mother’s teaching of etiquette. Even so, being raised in a happy family makes her a bit dense about the feeling of her less-fortunate friend sometimes, that’s why she has difficulty in making friends. Her childish demeanor can be annoying to some people, too. However, she learned from her mistakes and currently trying her best to make more friends.


Anything related to machinery, storybooks, toys, experiment, adventure, sweets (especially her mother’s handmade sweets).


Lizard kabab, any food that have a grotesque appearance, being alone, being bored (she always try to find something to do to prevent it).


  • She likes mecha duck very much, this is what bring her to take the Engineer class next year.
  • She doesn’t have any mount (even though her parents can afford it) since she enjoy to walk while admiring her surroundings.
  • Currently at the 2nd place in her class, aiming to be the 1st at the end of 1st year.
  • She actually enjoys interacting with people who is older (including those cute grandpas and grandmas if she met one) more than with children of the same age because they usually don’t really mind her antics.
  • She likes to hear adventure stories, no matter how long it is, as long as you give her a glass of milk and a plate of cookies.
  • She really loves her parents and always take the liberty to go home at holiday.



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