The Calderock Conflict, or also referred as The Red Tears of Calderock is a incident that took place in the Altean Year 408. It was one of the worst disasters caused by monster invasion in history.


Calderock was a rich port city that nearly rivaled that of Saint Haven.

The AttackEdit

On May 13th, 1:13PM (Calderock Local Time), bombs went off in the entrances of the city. Monster flooded in, and weakened the Calderock Patrol Squad and the police severely by scattering them. Civilians were shot at, eaten or beaten by the army of monsters led by a Dark Elf. Emergency messages were sent to King Cassius II by the experienced members of Cassius Palace stationed in Calderock, allowing the army to mobilize and inform the other groups which responded swiftly by deploying their members. King Cassius II ordered to purge all monsters. The conflict lasted for an entire month, with 386 adventurers dying and over 15,000 civlians killed. 


Rebuilding of Calderock took three months, and crimes spreaded like wildfire. The Cassius Palace group stepped in to govern the city back to its pre-conflict state. Children who were orphaned were placed into orphanages or sent to other relatives who did not live in Calderock. It took two years for the city to recover from the disaster.


Many were orphaned or lost their families in the conflict.