Castor Demithrone
Castor Demithrone
There is more to this shota than meets the eye
Personal Info
Alias/es Castor
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 14
Laterality Left-handed
Height/Weight 5'5" / 120 lbs
Eye/Hair Color Purple / Lavender

1-2 / Cleric


Interested in joining the Environmentalist and Gardening Club

Mode of Transport Snow Breeze Horse named Frau
Ability Info
Weapon type Basic Flail
Fighting style Close to Mid range
Attack Type Hybrid


Special Ability

Herbal Sense. A Heightened sense of smell able to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous plants. Does not work on odorless vegetation.

Place of Origin Outskirts of Mana Ridge
Relatives Cleric Mitchell (adoptive father)

Castor Demithrone is a Freshman Cleric at the Altea Adventurer Academy.


Orphaned as a child, he was raised inside the Monastery by one of the senior clerics. Castor grew up never knowing (nor questioning) who his parents really are. He was happy with his Papa Mitchell, who taught him about the Goddess' kindness and the teachings of the Cleric Order.

At the age of ten, a mysterious woman went to the church beside the monastery while the boy was praying there alone. She claimed to be Castor's mother, who was believed to have been killed by monsters swarming outside the sanctuary. Unsure on how to react, Castor drew closer to the woman before witnessing his view turn into a black sea of nothingness.

When he came to, he saw Papa Mitchell and the other clerics tending to him and trying to revive him. He was told that the Doppelganger, the fiercest creature outside the sanctuary, almost killed him with its deception. Fortunately some members of the visiting Marius Domus* (a group of Crusaders from the Holy Army) went inside the church, saw Castor in danger, and stopped the creature from doing its deed. Despite their holy attacks, the creature managed to flee away from the scene. Because of this, the School of Defiance increased security and their holy barriers to prevent any creature from going inside the church.

The traumatic incident caused Castor to ask Mitchell about his parents. Around 8 years ago, the Doppelganger attacked a house by the outskirts of Mana Ridge and left no corpses; just a trail of blood. The victims were Castor's parents, and Castor was lucky to have been saved since he was placed in the basement of the house. That was where he was found, claimed Mitchell. He asked the boy what he wanted to do next. Castor's reply? "I'll get rid of that creature once and for all."

He has been recommended to study at AAA by the School of Defiance since he grew up in the monastery and showed potential. He plans to be a Crusader like those who rescued him. Castor aims to be stronger and be the best in his field in order to purge the vile Doppelganger from the place he calls home.



He has short, slightly-fluffy lavender hair with random tufts curling near the edges. He has a pair of slightly-wide purple eyes and thin-medium eyebrows. His face is slightly rounded, giving him a younger appearance, and normally wears a meek, docile expression. He stands at five feet five inches.

His build seems to be slender but no one has actually seen what lies underneath his shirt, save for his roommate and the school's medical examiners.


When not in uniform, he wears loose long-sleeved turtlenecks in dark shades such as black, dark blue or indigo. He usually wears black denim jeans along with the aforementioned tops and ankle-high leather boots. He can also sport grey sneakers at times and may put a beige trenchcoat over his top during chilly months.

He wears a blue, slightly bigger than him, rashguard whenever he takes a bath.


Castor is a normally shy boy who almost always blushes when talked to by strangers. He gets tongue-tied a lot but when he gets serious, he seems like a different person altogether, emanating braveness and resolve. He also has the tendency to apologize even if he didn't do anything that warrants such.

Despite his feeble nature, he is actually one of the highest scorers in the Physical Fitness test. How he does that, people will never know. He constantly takes a bath with his clothes on, which sparks curiosity and doubles his laundry duties.

For some reason, Castor is a very deep sleeper. It takes around five alarm clocks to wake up. He also can't manage to sleep without a night light on.

As a boy who grew up in a monastery, he nurtured a love for plants and books as he mostly hung out in the gardens and the library. Due to seeing the visiting Crusaders and Inquisitors' display of the Goddess' blessings, he also has a great interest in light magic.

Castor is fond of marshmallows, since his Papa Mitch would bring him some whenever he came back from his excursions. He dislikes loud noises, sadistic people, and lemons. He harbors deep hatred toward the Doppelganger.


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