Chelsea Coraline Karaina
'Haruka: Isn't my dearest cousin so cuuute? D'awww!'
Personal Info
Alias/es Choco, Chocokara
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 13
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 148cm/38kg
Eye/Hair Color Brown/Green



Art Club

Mode of Transport Walking
Ability Info
Weapon type Canvas, Art Materials
Weapon Name

7-Color Kit of Doom!

Fighting style Depends. She's not really a fighter
Attack Type Physical
Special Ability

Moe Moe Cute!

Place of Origin Prairie Town
Relatives Haruka Quance (cousin)

Chelsea Coraline Karaina, or "Choco" for short is a 1st year day student studying at Altea Adventurer Academy.


She was born in Prairie Town, a serene place where nature is abound. She is always seen with paintbrushes, canvases and crayons due to her desire to draw everything at once. It gained her the nickname "The Adorable Artist" as she was also the centre of attention due to her appearance as a 'cute little girl'. She disliked both her first and middle names, so she decided to call herself "Choco" since back then, she loved chocolate.

Unlike her cousin, Choco had no desire to become an adventurer. Since Altea Adventurer Academy offered art as an subject, she attended the school as a day student.