Claire Allinton
Personal Info
Alias/es Claire, Boss Claire
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 166cm/64.8kg
Eye/Hair Color {{{eye/hair color}}}

Kyaa Cafe Manager


Kyaa Cafe

Mode of Transport Walking/Wingrunner
Ability Info
Weapon type Sword, Unarmed
Fighting style Melee
Attack Type Physical
Place of Origin Outskirts of Mist Land (in North Water Village)
Relatives Researcher Parents

Claire Allinton is a graduate from Altea Adventurer Academy. She is a Gladiator, currently working as a student-manager at Kyaa Cafe.


After spending most of their life researching about Mist Land, Claire's parents decided to settle down in one of the Water Villages and start a family. A short year later, Claire was born.

As a child, Claire had been hyperactive, going out to seas and always attempt to enter the Mist Land. She never succeeded going into the Mist Land, but a family friend (a sailor) had never failed in capturing her attention to the sea. She also hanged out with adventurers coming to and from the village. She would later learn swordplay from a long-term adventurer guardsman, as well as colorful languages of the sailors and the likes.

Claire's parents were fiercely disapproving of Claire's actions, citing the dangers. Claire was not too concerned about it, though.

Later, Claire would learn of AAA from one of the many adventurers, seeking fame and fortune of Mist Land. Claire voiced to her parents that she wished to study at AAA. Her parents agreed, thinking that the academy, full of master trainers and well-known organisations, would keep Claire safe and out of trouble.



Beautiful face features, complimented by her B-size, short ponytail hair and non-flaunting manner. Ties hair into a bun if doing swordplay. Has a buffer upper body and legs, due to her fighting style relying on upper body motions of wide arc swings and charging manner.


Normally dresses for comfort (loose shirts or tees with various imprints and pants).


Tomboyish and very aggressive, always trying to prove that girls can do the job better than the boys. Thus, she loves to arm-wrestle, out-drink (as she is at a legal age now), and out-swear the boys.

Her beautiful features usually gives others a different first impression, and she will attempt to keep that. However, due to her nature, she will most likely have a fall out with the person she gets hinged with.

She is not shy about getting down and dirty in fights and competitions - She will fight in her under garments (or lesser) if she have to, and not bat an eye lid to it.


  • There was one fight where her male opponent scored a hit on her bra, which revealed to the audience and her opponent a little more than what was deemed appropriate. And she had not stopped nor cared about it, able to capitalize on that to thoroughly beat him down, and walked off coolly.
  • No.1 in campus as the girl with the most rejects and breakups. Yukihiro Sato comes a close second (mostly with breakups, rather than rejects). Maybe that's why they hit it off pretty well?
  • Currently works at Kyaa Cafe as a manager, because there is no one else able to take over the position.
  • She stays in the North Wing, sharing a room with a female Staff NPC.