David Memphos
Personal Info
Alias/es Dave, Davy Jones, (AdventurerNickname: Moonphos)


Race Human
Gender Male
Age 30
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 172cm/66.8kg
Eye/Hair Color Dark Brown/Black




Mode of Transport Walking, Staff Flight
Ability Info
Weapon type Spellbook, Staff
Weapon Name

Enchanted Diary

Fighting style Melee to Mid-range
Attack Type Magical

Ice and Fire

Special Ability

Synthesis Magic

Place of Origin Lagendia (Unknown exact location)
Relatives Surrogate Mother (Deceased)

David Memphosis an instructor at the Altea Adventurer Academy. He is a Pyromancer (Saleana).


During his early years, David had been apprenticed under two different Master Sorceresses, both acting as guardians due to his young age. His first Master had died on the outskirts of Mana Ridge, for reasons that were not disclosed to the public. After the death of his first Master, David was simply left alone until his second Master was dumped with the duty to look after him.

Lucky for David, his second Master did not play favoritism, and trained David as strict and thorough as her first apprentice. During the training, he had taken a keen interest on Research and Development for Magic. It was in the R&D for Magic that he learned about "Synthesis Magic".

Years later, at the age of 18, David left Mana Ridge. He had only theoretical knowledge and a personal drive, but that did not deter him from attaining his experience, as well as his mastery of "Synthesis Magic" during his adventuring years. Co-founding an Adventuring Guild and knowing more friends, David traveled all over Lagendia and gained experience, knowledge and understanding of his abilities.

Fast-forward to the age of 27, David broke away from his Adventuring Guild and his friends, for reasons that only himself and all parties involved would ever know. However, it was speculated that his personal drive was the reason for the fall out. The Guild was disbanded, its members all but gone out of radar, and David disappeared.

Few months later, David appeared in front of the renowned "Altea Adventurer Academy". After an interview session with the Principal of AAA, he became an instructor for the academy. With knowledge gleamed from years of travels and adventures, David have many experiences to teach and share with the students of AAA. Including the standard syllabus taught by the current Master Sorceresses and Clerics, David have proposed (but not yet approved) several other subjects to teach the new generations, such as Magic Strengthening (Improving uses of base magics), Magic Synthesis (combining magics to produce new effects), and Magic Amplification Arts (closely related to Buffs/Debuffs)


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  • [General] Looks disinterested at face-value, but holds immense curiosity to things that plague his interest (e.g - Tsubutaki's 'Black Mana' condition)
  • [General] His manner of speech may sometimes confuse his listeners, which he will capitalize on as a joke.
  • [General] Usually alone, but never refuses an invite to join anyone, unless he has something urgent to do and/or complete.
  • [General] Fiercely protective of his charges (Sato Yukihiro and Tsubutaki). This causes some Instructors and Teachers to question his ability as a proper Instructor (whether he's bias or not).
  • [Casual] Good listener, but bad adviser. Will attempt to cheer you up with randomness if necessary and at the right time.
  • [Casual] He's not below the level of bribery. He'll get what he wants, any way possible (except bodily/mentally harm. Usually for a joke, but sometimes if he REALLY wants something, like a rare staff/stave)
  • [Instructor] Strictly concern about safety of students, but not to inanimate objects (e.g Blowing up a tree)
  • [Instructor] Explains things as detailed as possible.
  • [Instructor] Despite his strict health concern, he also does random jokes, non-harmful ones.
  • [All] Personality is a close-mix between Cho Gono/Hakkai (Saiyuki) and Kubota Makoto (Wild Adapter). Expresses himself more than both.

Special AbilityEdit

((Synthesis Magic explanation - To be updated))

His most commonly used form of synthesis magic is creating, from his fingers, ice-type whip-form magic that can do anything from flipping a page of his spellbook/teaching materials to picking up a 350ml cup of coffee to drink. He also uses this on inattentive students (poking, slapping awake, etc). He refuses to teach Synthesis Magic to the students, until the AAA approves of his proposed subjects.

David also regularly creates two magic synthesis life-forms during practical sessions - Fire Hound-spirit "Fenrir" and Ice Hound-spirit "Fenris". The duo magic synthesis are as large as a mature husky, and serves as the trainee's target practice (or as torturing magics, flaming or freezing licks). He explained that he blatantly copied the two creatures' forms from during one of his adventuring episode, although the two spirits he made for practical sessions have only the strength and power to move, and serves as utility.

Extended BackstoryEdit

Time-line version ((Will be revised with proper, full backstory))

Age 6 - Surrogate mother dies by the hands of the Sorceresses of Mana Ridge. Found guilty of crimes: Dragon Follower Spy, Murder.

Age 8 - Discover surrogate mother's enchanted diary. Learns of secrets about his heritage, his surrogate mother's part in the D.F. and his life. Gains a new goal: Vengeance.

Age 12 - Enters the Magic Research & Development group in Mana Ridge. Begins learning Synthesis Magic.

Age 15 - Meets toddler Tsubutaki (age 2). Meets Dark Elf Priestess Elizabeth. Takes toddler to healers. Elizabeth leaves.

Age 18 - Leaves Mana Ridge. Leaves Tsubutaki under the care of an orphanage.

Age 19 - Registers Adventurer Name 'Moonphos'.

Age 20 - Co-founded adventurer guild. Gathered allies (7 in total). Finds Elizabeth. Made plans to infiltrate the Dragon Followers.

Age 24 - 4 allies died in across several battles.

Age 25 - Faked own death by the hands of Dragon Followers. Joins Elizabeth and enters the D.F. group under alias 'David Memphos' (His real name, unknown by the D.F.). Guild disbanded due to lack of members, unable to function.

Age 27 - Attains his goal (killing a targeted D.F. member, disrupting operations). Returns to ex-allies. Accused of the deaths of every ally in the guild. Disappears on the surface.

Age 27 until now - Joins Altea Adventurer Academy.


  1. Should there be a weapon sale in the Lucky Plaza, David will also check them out, looking for rare Staffs or Staves that he may add to his collection. Although he is mostly broke (there's only so much he can spend on with his payroll).
  2. During most of his free time, David would be at MystiBucks enjoying a cup of coffee, normally on a table outside of the main cafe. While there, he will either be grading papers, chatting with other Instructors or Teachers, or reading his spellbook. Students can approach him during this time if necessary.
  3. He may be found in the Staff Room otherwise.
  • He is the 'Acting Guardian' of Tsubutaki and Sato Yukihiro.
  • Likes: Synthesis experimentation, red robes, His personal spellbook (it's an enchanted diary), using synthesis spells to do his bidding, collecting rare Staffs/Staves. Also reading books, drinking coffee and eating sweets/candies.
  • Dislikes: Tea, doing his bidding physically, people reading his spellbook because there are "some hidden secret inside"


David Memphos