Day 1, Scenario 1 consists of 3 parts. It introduced three characters. There were also some characters mentioned in this scenario.

Scenario 1 Information
Time setting  6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.
Character(s) involved
Location(s) covered
  • Wingzel's dorm room, West Wing
  • Some random hallway
  • Cafeteria
Started by JoyJoy415
Ended by JoyJoy415

"She was the one who started it. We don't even know her, and she comes up to us begging to eat together. You know you don't do well with strangers and yet you invited her." 

Wingzeliem "Wingy" Arutheum Hather

Plot summaryEdit

Wingzel received an invitation from his childhood friend, Haruka , to go and eat at the school's cafeteria. While the duo headed towards their destination, they were spotted by Bloodmirea , one of their new classmates. She followed the two and joined them in eating breakfast, much to Wingzel's displeasure. Annoyed, Wingzel abruptly left, dragging his friend with him. He was later reprimanded by Haruka and she demanded him to apologize to Bloodmirea.


Day 1, Scenario 1 part 1

Day 1, Scenario 1 part 2 

Day 1, Scenario 1 part 3

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