Day 1, Scenario 2 is comprised of three parts. It was not continued afterwards.

"Where the hell is this North Block?"

Vizaresh "Viz" Astiwihad

Scenario 2 Information
Time setting 6:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.
Character(s) involved
Location(s) covered
  • Jackie's dorm room
  • Men's dormitory rooftop
  • West Wing foyer
  • Assembly Hall
Started by Jackmasta
Ended by N/A

Plot summaryEdit

Jackie spent the whole night reading the student handbook and was sulking at how he cannot bring Mors Certissima with him despite students under the sorcerer/sorceress class can bring their weapons with them.  After a brief talk with Mors, Jackie headed to the rooftop where he spent his time idling away.

He was later found by his dormmate, Viz . Viz was lost so he asked Jackie to accompany him to the Assembly Hall where they would attend the Entrance Ceremony.


Day 1, Scenario 2 part 1

Day 1, Scenario 2 part 2

Day 1, Scenario 2 part 3

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