Scenario 4 Information
Time setting 6:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.
Character(s) involved
Location(s) covered
  • Syan Ri's dorm room
  • Some random hallways
  • Shiori's dorm room
  • 2-1 classroom
Started by Pozrah
Ended by JoyJoy415

Day 1, Scenario 4 consists of six parts.

"Ah, time flies quite fast when you have fun. Though it seems for most of you it seemed like eternity had passed instead."

Sarah Krein

Plot SummaryEdit

Shortly after the incident in the cafeteria, Wingzel and Haruka was approached by Syan Ri , fellow classmate, who accompanied them to their classroom where they found Rei , Wingzel's roommate. During Miss Krein 's class, Shiori managed to arrive on the nick of time as he overslept. He was later embarrassed when the instructor found him sleeping during attendance check.

Shortly after Miss Krein dismissed the class for morning break, Wingzel approached her and requested for a special fitness training in preparation for the Medic course, in which she accepted.


Day 1, Scenario 4 part 1

Day 1, Scenario 4 part 2

Day 1, Scenario 4 part 3

Day 1, Scenario 4 part 4

Day 1, Scenario 4 part 5

Day 1, Scenario 4 part 6

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