Eloysia Francesa Altos
Personal Info
Alias/es Eloysia, Loseria
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 158cm/45kg
Eye/Hair Color Red/Purple



Student Council

Mode of Transport Walking
Ability Info
Weapon type Kabala
Fighting style Mid to Long Range
Attack Type Magical

Dark, Fire, Ice

Place of Origin Altos Mansion, somewhere
Relatives Altos Family

Eloysia Francesa Atlos is a 3rd year student studying at Altea Adventurer Academy . She is an Alchemist.


Eloysia was born in the famous Atlos family. Her childhood was not the best, as her father had married a step mother and he was indifferent to her. Her stepmother and stepsibling abused her, making her dislike her entire family and its conflicts that she always gets dragged into. Her mother passed away when she was twelve, though the girl suspected that her mother was poisoned to death by her stepmother. It was this that made her interested in researching poison.

She first attended the academy as a Sorceress, only to switch to a Alchemist to be more effective in making poison. Most of her teachers tried to help her, but she only saw it as pity and annoying. She was insociable, refusing to assiociate with others. She was forced to becoming a Student Representative by her class, and thereby shuns society. She intends to go into hiding once she completes her studies and plans for her revenge...



Very pale skin and constantly wears a frown on her face.


wears the pants version of the female uniform due to her male classmates always flipping her skirt.



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