These are the groups that exist in the Altea Adventurer Academy universe.

Groups/Organizations affiliated with Altea Adventurer AcademyEdit

Here are the groups that are affiliated with the school and have branches in the campus.

Free Adventurers' Guild (FAG)Edit

This is the main group that represents adventurers and normal adventurers. This organization is what made Altea Adventurer Academy possible. It linked all the class-exclusive groups together and most of these members are also in the organization. Incompetent members of the guild are called' FAGs' due to the irony of the guild's name. A sub-group affliated with it is known as Boy Scouts. It basically recruits boys and tell them their aptitude in all of the Adventuring classes while also training them to be fit of a adventurer.


One of the biggest organizations in Lagendia, it consists of Sorceresses. All notable Sorceresses are members of the organization and they uphold the standards of Sorceresses worldwide. In fact, it governs Sorceresses, institutions and knowledge. It owns Mystibucks, which helps Sorceresses with their studies and serves as a metting area. The current leader is Karacule. A branch off Fairystar is the Royal Convent of Magic, lead by Kayleen who serves Cassius.

Templar KnightsEdit

Another large organization rivaling Fairysar, Templar Knights is a organization of Clerics and those who serve them. Most clerics strive to join the organization as they firmly believe in Altea. It has been involved with scandals where some Clerics defected to being Dragon Followers, thereby weakening its power. The Pope is Terramai.

League of the Swords and Axes (LoSA)Edit

This organization is exclusive to the Warriors. It has a long history and they have participated in every conflict that has occurred in Lagendia. It was originally male-exclusive, but it has started to allow females too. Within the League there exists two groups, one being Warrior of the Elites for elite male warriors and Knights of Grace, a female exclusive group for elites. Many warriors wish to enter the elite groups in hopes of following a hero's footsteps.

Silver Crescent Archers (SCA)Edit

One of the two Archer-only organizations and the only group that is connected to Anu Arendel. Renowned archers are part of this organization and tend to help elves who are in need or guide them. This group is closed off to human Archers, though it is allied to the United Archer Alliance.

United Archer Alliance (UAA)Edit

The other Archer-only organization that accepts both humans and elves. Renowned human archers tend to help other human archers, but they also offer help to elves as well. Some notable elves here do not mind humans, such as Nerwin and also offers tuition.

Academic Research and Studies Union(ARSU)Edit

An Academic-only organization founded by James Arthur Pelston, one of the first few Academics in history. Renowned Academics are in the union and it helps sponsors a member's research or studies at Altea Adventurer Academy. Most Academics are members and tend to help each other out.

Cassius PalaceEdit

A group faithful to King Cassius. It represents the King's will and keeps the school in check with its founding intentions.

Golden Goose GuildEdit

A guild mainly for merchants and traders. It is famous and is the main source of sponsorships to students who wish to study at the academy. Students who wish to set up businesses are advised by members of this group and trained. The presence of the group can be felt in the South Wing as Lucky Plaza was sponsored entirely by them and people who want to run businesses require permission from them. In exchange for being to set up businesses in the Plaza, the Academy allowed potential merchants to attend the school.