Harmony Kaitlin Quance
Haruka pic
(to Wingzel) That's a secret! (Day 1, Scenario 17)
Personal Info
Alias/es Haruka


Race Human
Gender Female
Age 15
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 154cm / 38.5kg
Eye/Hair Color Hazel/Brown

2-1 / Sword Master


Student Council, Music Club (during her 1st year)

Mode of Transport Wingrunners (red with purple lining)
Ability Info
Weapon type Customized Broadsword (lighter than your usual broadsword)
Fighting style Melee to Mid-Range
Attack Type Hybrid

Neutral, Light or Ice during her occasional Elemental Infusion

Special Ability

Elemental Infusion on weapons, but she discourages herself to use this unless necessary since it expends her mana more than usual. Stems from her Elemental-User parents. Also has higher mana reserves compared to others in the Warrior course.

Place of Origin Mana Ridge
Relatives Kailynna Quance (mother), Horatio Quance (father), Chelsea Coraline Karaina (cousin)

Haruka Quance is a 2nd Year Sword Master in Altea Adventurer Academy


Being a child from an academe-inclined family, Haruka was groomed to follow the sorceress path like her mom. She was relatively talented with manipulating the elements compared to most children, earning her the praise of her mother and the envy of other kids. When her parents had to focus more on their research, she was left with her relatives at Prairie Town.

During her two-year stay, she found joy in watching her Gladiator uncle train and saw how beautiful the way of the sword was. Once she went back home, she expressed her desire to walk down the Warrior path, to the dismay of her parents.

It was thanks to her uncle that she has been allowed to enter Altea Adventurer Academy and take the Warrior course. He explained that there was a magical branch for the course, which was enough to please Haruka's mother.

She attends the academy with her childhood friend, who mostly gets dragged into doing whatever crazy idea she comes up with. She is also the Second Year Class Rep for the Student Council, which gives her the duties of Events Planning and Discipline Enforcement. Since the Student Council is granted access to a special training ground within the school vicinity, Haruka uses (or abuses) it for her research on Element Infusion in Normal Attacks, an ability she is trying to master.



Haruka is petite and slender, and sports brown hair. She has pale skin, for some reason, doesn't tan easily as well. She has almond-shaped hazel eyes and mid-long lashes. Her nose is rounded at the tip and the bridge of her nose is slightly high, giving off a cutesy appearance.

She looks younger than she is, often mistaken as someone two years younger than her age.


She wears the standard Academy Warrior Uniform, skirt version. She pairs it with thigh-high black socks and brown loafers.

On casual days, she prefers wearing hoodies, pleated short skirts, thigh-high socks and sneakers (or her Wingrunners if she's lazy to change). Her favorite piece of clothing is a multicolored-striped hoodie shirt which she owned since she was twelve.


Haruka is quiet and reserved when in an unfamiliar environment, but she quickly warms up and becomes hyper and talkative once she gets accustomed to it. The brunette loves to help out and cheer up people. She is kind of lazy but gets fired up when something interests her. Haruka is usually seen hanging out with her male friends because she feels more comfortable with them compared to female acquaintances (plus she can bully them too). Emotional and easily annoyed. Tsundere Type B.

She loves cats and owns a fat domestic housecat back in Mana Ridge. She has a penchant for spicy food and strawberries. Books, puzzles, games and swords interest her. She prefers having intellectual conversations with people and doesn't like superficial talk. Her type of guy, she said, would be a head-taller-than-her, intelligent, pale-skinned, older-than-her, glasses-wearing cleric. However, she tends to be oblivious when her exact type happens to walk right in front of her, and would not notice until a few months of being friends with that person that he's her type.

Haruka, despite being in the Warrior course, has the tendency to be pretty clumsy. She does not do well with heels and also tends to trip even if she's wearing flats. She also does not do well with crowds and annoying people (especially girls).

She might not admit it but she's very insecure with her B-cup breasts. She also hates it when people call her by her real first name.

Haruka: "Harmony" & "Kaitlin" do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT fit my personality!


Wingzelium Arutheum

Wingzel is Haruka's childhood friend. They met when Haruka visits her uncle's house in Prairie Town and also happened to enter the academy at the same time. This cleric can never forget how his crazy friend managed to get him into a bear suit in a charity fair.

Shiori Von Marquis

Haruka's classmate during her first year and second year in the academy. They have this unusual friendship since they mostly make fun of or fling sarcasm at each other. In reality, Shiori is Haruka's second closest friend apart from Wingzel.

Sena Yuuki

Another one of Haruka's classmates during her first year and second year in the academy. He used to be a lone wolf until the friendly brunette approached him during class and invited him to join her and her friends for lunch. Since then, they've become good friends. Unknown to Haruka, he harbors a secret crush on her.

Rei Signum

Haruka's classmate during her second year in the academy. They just met and hung out recently because of Wingzel, their common friend. Rei also shares her passion for music and they have their friendly moments during music club practice.

Shura Kirisaki

Haruka's classmate during her second year in the academy. They just met during lunch on the first day because she and her friends noticed Shura all alone on the rooftop. He has joined her group of friends ever since.

Chelsea Coraline Karaina

Haruka's beloved younger cousin. Her older cousin dotes on her so much and usually accompanies her when she's out to draw. Both of them like to draw together, but Chocokara is way more talented than Haruka is.

Scenario InvolvementEdit

Day 1, Scenario 1

Day 1, Scenario 4

Day 1, Scenario 5 + 6


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