Kusunoki Rui
"Aw cmon, not again"
Personal Info
Alias/es Prodigal son/Lazy Genius


Race Human
Gender Male
Age 17
Laterality Right handed
Height/Weight 5'8/125lbs
Eye/Hair Color Orange/Black

4-1/Shooting Star


Art Club

Mode of Transport Alfredo/walking
Ability Info
Weapon type Cannon/Alfredo
Weapon Name

Cannon of Awesomeness/Ruki

Fighting style close to long range
Attack Type Physical
Special Ability

Mind tricks: This gives him the advantage of making his enemies doubtful of their own actions

Place of Origin Saint Haven
Relatives Kusunoki Yui (mother)/Kusunoki Ren (father)

Kusunoki Rui is a fourth year shooting star studying at Altea Adventurer Academy

"Oh God no, please don't send me there"

-Rui (to his parents) prior to being sent to Altea Adventurer Academy


He was the prodigal son of the Kusunoki family, an ingenious inventor. He was praised by his family for his ideas. He was able to create his own personal butler in which he named Alfredo, but due to his over reliance on Alfredo and his over protective family, his body became frail. He eventually became spoiled, so his parents decided to let him experience how normal people lived. He rejected the idea at first but then had not other choice but to do what his parents ordered



Black hair that is usually partially kept. He has fair complexion with orange eyes. Due to his protective family and his over reliance on Alfredo, his body is physically weak


On casual days he tends to wear either black pants or beach shorts, and always wearing a white polo with nothing else under. He also tends to wear slippers whenever possible


He is carefree, lazy, perverted and extremely smart. He also never takes anything seriously even in life or death situations. He is also an OCD and an "Elitist" but he tries his best not to show that side of him.


Doing nothing, sleeping, relaxing, spicy food, music (jazz), girls, and lolis


Doing work, being defeated, unecessary fighting, boastful people, vegetables, untidy places/things, and being restrained (he doesn't like being trapped in any way)


His Alfredo also serves as his main weapon and will never fight personally unless Alfredo has been defeated


This is his personal butler he created when he was young, since then he has been making constant moifications to him. Ruki/Alfredo is able to make coffee due to Rui shoving a coffee machine inside it. Ruki also has better AI than the other Alfredo units, making him smarter than most.

The Cannon of AwesomenessEdit

Despite the idiotic name this cannon, its attacking capabilities are extremely low. To the point where Rui almost never uses this cannon in combat, but rather, he uses it as a bluff in order to avoid fighting

Butter Knife

He "borrowed" this knife from the dorm's cafeteria. He uses this for making small cuts on his enemies


Kusunoki Yui (mother)Edit

He is cold towards his mother due to the fact that it was her idea to send him to Altea Adventurer Academy

Kusunoki Ren (father)Edit

He is also cold towards his father due to the fact that he actually agreed to sending him to Altea Adventurer Academy


  • Despite being physicaly weak, he's a good swimmer
  • He tends to easily forget names and trivia 
  • He uses Ruki/Alfredo as a mode of transportation whenever possible
  • The name Ruki came from Rui Kusunoki
  • Rui's name came from the fusion of both his parents' names Ren and Yui