Natalie Francis
Personal Info
Alias/es Nel, Miss Francis, Miss Granger
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth

12th March

Age 38
Laterality Ambidextrous
Height/Weight 163cm/52kg
Eye/Hair Color Brown/Light yellow

Academic Instructor, Medical Expert, School nurse


Altea Adventurer Academy, Academic Research and Studies Union

Mode of Transport Wingrunners
Ability Info
Weapon type Kabala
Weapon Name

Twin Mix

Fighting style Mix of Physical and Magical
Attack Type {{{attack type}}}
Place of Origin Town near Prairire Town
Relatives Four siblings, husband and two children

Natalie Francis is a Academic Instructor at the Academy. She teaches the Medic subject and is also the school nurse.


Natalie was born in a middle class family of seven, her father being a doctor and her mother a farmer. All of her siblings were able to go to school. She always had a interest in science, always reading books on the subject and inventing her own theories. Most of her siblings were inclined to becoming adventurers, so they always captured monsters back. As she accompanied some of her father on his work, she soon started a habit of dissecting the monsters her siblings brought back. This gave her a lot of knowledge, and was soon offered to go to Altea Adventurer Academy.

She became the first Academic in history to specialize in both class advancements, though she identifies herself mostly with the Alchemist side as a Physician. She spent seven years in school to accomplish this. While people shunned her for being 'overachieving', it just meant that she was able to learn more with the extra years. Hence, she actually completed the Strategist and most of the adventurer-related subjects with the time she spent 7 years there. After graduating, she combined the knowledge she obtained by being an Engineer and a Alchemist she pioneered the medical field.

Her inventions advanced the Industrial Revolution, starting off the medical field that would save lives with the help of these machines. She is the only certified person to train Medics, besides three of her skilled students and have taugh at least a hundred students who managed to graduate from her subject. To date, only thirteen people were able to clear her Advanced Medic course and can teach others. Some stayed in the Academy to help her with lessons so she can spend time with her family, while others are off at ARSU teaching other students.