Reinhardt Signum
... *guitar strings overheard*
Personal Info
Alias/es Rei

numbnuts01 (Main) / AkaruiMaika (Sub/Writer for RP)

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Laterality Left-handed
Height/Weight 173cm / 68kg
Eye/Hair Color Glaucous/Silver

2-1 / Priest


Music Club (2nd year onwards)

Mode of Transport Wingrunners (black with reddish-orange lining)
Ability Info
Weapon type Wand
Fighting style Melee to Mid-Range
Attack Type Hybrid


Special Ability

Caduceus. Has higher healing capabilities than most of the clerics his level because of his intense focus on support and healing magic.

Place of Origin Saint Haven
Relatives The Signum Family

Rei Signum is a second year Priest studying at Altea Adventurer Academy


Rei is the third son of the famous Gear Master who invented the Wingrunner. He belongs to an upper-middle class family that owns and manufactures the light transportation series. Though he likes to tinker with machines, he didn't follow the path of the academic.

In their factory home, Rei helped out his parents and older brothers with the business by picking up raw materials from stores and delivering them to his father. Since his father was busy all the time, he never got to interact with him much and spent most of his time with his mother.

One day, while he was tagging alongside his mom during a trip to their family warehouse, he saw 5-foot contraption hidden under a white sheet. Being as curious as he usually was, he started pressing the buttons on the machine. It then glowed a deathly red and gathered particles of light in the wide, thin slot near its bottom.

The next thing the boy knew was that he got pushed toward the crates by the corner of the warehouse, and that there was a pool of blood beside the now turned-off machine (which was a prototype of the Chainsaw Tower Gearmasters now use for security/attacks). On the floor lay his unconscious mother, her legs full of deep cuts and oozing blood. Fortunately, she managed to stay alive but was permanently crippled by the attack. Rei couldn't forgive himself for causing his mom's disability and that he couldn't do anything to restore her legs back then.

He entered as a Cleric in AAA, partially because of the accident. He doesn't want to directly cause harm unless forced to, so he prefers to provide aid to those who need it. Now a Priest, he plans to increase his ability to support those who are important to him. Plus, coming from a summoner family, relics are a big plus for him.




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