Robert Harrison
I need the money he owes me to buy food and porn
Personal Info
Alias/es Rob
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Laterality Left-handed
Height/Weight 178cm/68kg
Eye/Hair Color {{{eye/hair color}}}

3-1/Bow Master


The Academic Research and Studies Union (ARSU)

Mode of Transport Wingrunners
Ability Info
Weapon type Longbow
Weapon Name

Pantsu Finder

Fighting style Long Range
Attack Type Physical
Special Ability

Expert Bullseye

Place of Origin Prairie Town
Relatives Harrison Mom and Dad lol

Robert "Rob" Harrison is a 3rd year student studying at Altea Adventurer Academy.


He lived with his family in Prairie Town, where he spent most of his childhood observing warriors and archers. He is good with both a sword and a bow. After some time, he decided to be a Sniper. It is said when he applied, the teacher asked why he became an archer, he answered "Warriors are too mainstream, and I like to watch girl's panties from afar."


He is a hopeless idiot and a pervert, always taking the opportunity to watch girls and their panties from afar. Very cheerful and charimastic, liked by most people until he accidentally touches a 'sensitive' spot which most girls will resort to slap him. He is laid back and carefree, not caring about school work. But when it is time to snipe enemies, he gets serious as he is an expert marksman, never failing to snipe his enemies.

Name: Robert "Rob" Harrison (super normal name) Gender: Male Age: 16 (3rd Year) Class: Bow Master

Family Background: A totally normal family, the only son.

Personality: "Sixteen and single." 

Likes: Girls, girls and girls. Spying, Sniping for pantsu, digging for secrets and greens. Dislikes: Meat, girls who are not instrested in relationships and people who has no secrets.

Extra info: -As he believes that sniping is never complete without technology, he always tests new stuff out for ARSU. Everything, though, will explode within a week due to poor care. -Hated by girls for being a pervert. -Hated by elves for siding with technology. -Worshipped by single males for being the best informant in relationships. -Loyal to Dusk, although his carefree manner makes Dusk annoyed often.

Physical Aspects: Always wears a green cloak in addition to his uniform withever he isn't in class. Long brown hair tied in a ponytail. Green eyes.

My friend suggested most of it, except for the physical aspects. I think, though, this is what he wishes to be.