Scyilla Sunnydays
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Personal Info
Alias/es Scy
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth

22nd April

Age 13
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 147cam / 36.5kg
Eye/Hair Color Brown / Dark Blue

1-1 / Sorceress


Kyaa Cafe

Mode of Transport Staff Flight (after learning it)
Ability Info
Weapon type Enchanted Doll, Basic Staff
Weapon Name


Fighting style Range
Attack Type Magical

Fire, Ice

Place of Origin Calderock Village
Relatives Daniel Sunnydays (Father), Anya Settile (Mother)

Scyilla Sunnydays ('Scy' for short) is a 1st year student at Altea Adventurer Academy. She is a Sorceress.


Scyilla's parents were seasoned adventurers, exploring dangerous dungeons across Lagendia. Despite having a baby in the mix, the couple continued on with their passion, bringing Scyilla to places few would travel to. Her father is a Gladiator, while her mother is a Saleana.

Growing up on the road, Scyilla had very little contact with other people. Whenever the family stayed in a town or a village, Scyilla would hide behind her mother and shy away from curious sights of the townsfolk and villagers. Because she spent more time with her mother, Scyilla grew an interest in learning magic. Even then, she also learned many things from her father, including physical exercise and drawing maps which became her hobbies.

When Scyilla was 13, her parents decided that she needed a better environment to grow up in. They decided to enroll her in the Altea Adventurer Academy, where her parents had studied, met, and eventually hitched together (They had not gotten officially married, but that was a small matter, in their opinion). But Scyilla was disapproving of that decision and threw a tantrum, hiding herself in a dungeon to make a point. That plan backfired, as her parents became adamant about putting her in AAA.

Despite her childish behavior, Scyilla was mature enough to know that she could not go against her parents' wishes.

With the knowledge she learned from her mother, Scyilla managed to pass the exams to be enrolled for her first year. Knowing that she would be safe inside the academy, her parents left.


Hairstyle - Shoulder-length, dark blue hair with long side-burns. 

School period - She likes to wear a uniform skirt with tight pants underneath. 

Casual - She wears whatever is available in her closet. Usually paired with pants that stretch to her ankles, a clothing habit because of the travels she did with her parents.


  • She feels shy whenever she meets new people, due to her lack of contact with people when growing up. The effect is more prominent when talking to boys her age or older. Lesser effect when engaging with adults.
  • As she has experience using magic in the outside world, she has more knowledge about practical studies.
  • Learning from her parents' examples of helping those in need, she will offer her help (albeit shyly) to her peers. Usually other Sorceress.
  • She gains confidence after speaking for a while, or when it is about something she has interest of, such as Maps, Dolls and Magic.


  • ((To be further updated))
  • She shares a room with a female student NPC. Dorm A, Block 5, Room 1-10