Shiori von Marquis
'"Welcome to our friendly group of misfits! Where we stop each other from killing one another!"'
Personal Info


Race Human
Gender Male
Age 15
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 170 cm / 143 lbs
Eye/Hair Color Deep red / Gray

2-1 / Paladin


Sparring Club

Mode of Transport Walking
Ability Info
Weapon type Flail
Fighting style Melee to Mid-range
Attack Type Hybrid


Special Ability

A mix of parkour and freerunning

Place of Origin Outskirts of Mana Ridge
Relatives The Von Marquis family

Shiori von Marquis is a second year Paladin studying at Altea Adventurer Academy


— Shiori (to Sato Yukihiro ) as he struggled to escape her grasp.


Despite his status as a son of a rich man and the opportunities that comes with it, Shiori simply dismissed such things and continued to pursue his hobbies, parkour and lying on his favorite couch . It was only a matter of time until his parents decided to change his rather unproductive attitude by enrolling him to private instructors.

It took a great effort but eventually, he yielded to his parents' requests. Partly because his sister, in her frustration, imprisoned him in an icy sphere and lectured him about his incompetency and his dependence to his family. She freed him eventually and challenged him to prove himself whether he is a mature and competent person or simply a scatterbrained, princely fool. This event gave him a sense of direction and motivation.

He aspires to take the Chemical Engineering elective course after finishing the Advanced Offense course prescribed by his mother.



Shiori has messy gray hair usually tied back in a loose ponytail. He has a fair complexion with deep red eyes. Due to his parkour/freerunning training, he has a rather strong and limber body.


On casual days, he would be wearing either a black or white hooded jacket and denim pants.

He also sports buttoned shirts. Similar to Vincenzo, he would also leave two buttons open. Whereas his cousin do this to attract ladies, he would do this if he warrants the climate too hot for him handle.


To people he is not particularly close, he would come off as a cold and bored teenager. He would be quiet and he keeps his thoughts to himself.

However, he would show his warm side to the people he had deemed to be his friends.

Special AbilityEdit

Due to his training in freerunning and parkour, he is able to scale very high buildings. His training also contributed to his increased speed and agility, enabling him to outrun even Academics using the Wax ability.

He also has above-average tolerance to pain and endurance, as he always fall off rooftops during his training. This enables him to deliberately jump off heights as high as three floors provided that he will land on a cushioned spot (bales of hay, leaf piles, thick snow, etc.)


Haruka Quance

Shiori's classmate during his first and second year in the academy. He first met her when she scolded him for sleeping in class. Since then, Shiori has joined her with her friend Wingzel during lunch breaks. 

Despite their usual exchange of sarcastic remarks and playful insults, she was his closest friend aside from his cousins. Both of them were responsible in coming up ways to spend their free days, whether it be a casual get-together or another wild adventure.

Wingzelium Hather

Shiori's classmate during his first and second year in the academy. He is Shiori's second closest friend as he regarded him as a reliable source of sense. He once stated to Haruka that she "brings out the crazy and playful side that he hides from other people" while Wingzel "brings out the smarter and more mature side of him."

Sena Yuuki

Another one of his classmates from his first and second year in the academy. He met him when Haruka invited Sena to eat lunch with them. As time passes, they became good friends.

During Sena's berserk outbursts, Shiori would be the one on the front line trying to restrain and distract him from his friends.

Rei Signum

Shiori's classmate during his second year in the academy. He just met him recently as he is Wingzel's friend.

Shura Kirisaki

Shiori's classmate during his second year in the academy. He first met him during lunch on the first day as he and Haruka noticed that he also a lone wolf. Ever since Haruka invited him over for lunch, he started hanging out with them.

Amaroso L'atore

Shiori's cousin. Though he is close to him and his twin brother, he avoids hanging out with them because of their notorious reputation amongst girls.

Vincenzo L'atore

Also Shiori's cousin. He is the one responsible of his and his brother's reputation as he dates and breaks up with numerous girls he had taken out as himself or disguised as his brother. He is the reason why Shiori is reluctant to hang out with them since he always prods his younger cousin to "follow their footsteps".

Scenario InvolvementEdit

Day 1, Scenario 4

Day 1, Scenario 5 + 6


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