Specialization Subjects are subjects that students are able to take up on in the beginning of their second year at Altea Adventurer Academy.

Adventurer-Related SubjectsEdit

These subjects are relevant to the studies of most studies who are boarders at the academy:


One of the most hardest subjects of all Specialization Subjects, right next to Strategist. It has limited slots and difficult to complete due to its intensive theory and practical lessons. It teaches students the use of first-aid skills not found in the Cleric skills and the use of machinery to increase the chances of the patient's survival rate. It is known to be All-in-One subject where most of every other subject is covered in here, besides Strategist. Hence, it is common to see Medic students taking Strategist as a second subject.


Known as the War course due to the requirement of the Within a War book written by Sunara Zusen, this is also one of the popular yet hard subjects to complete next to Medic. It focuses on the psychology of monsters and people while also training students to be excellent strategists. Students who manage to graduate from this subject are also shown to be adept at intellectually challenging games and continue studying it.

Advanced OffenseEdit

An popular subject due to the fact that it focuses on making attacks more effective and the control of their skills. It is popular with the warriors due to this. It teaches students to utilize paralyze, criticals, stunning, elemental attacks and burst damage effectiveness. It is common to see students taking Advanced Defense as a second subject.

Advanced DefenseEdit

Another popular subject that has been gaining popularity with the other classes besides the Cleric (who always patronised this course). The subject focuses on reducing damage taken in battle and counterattacking. It teaches about elemental defense, physical and magical defense, evasion skills and lastly, super armour.

Advanced ManaEdit

Another one of the popular subjects as it teaches on the control of mana and usage of mana effectively. Focuses on mana recovery, manage mana usage, effective ways on regenerating mana or improve it and increase the amount of mana as much as possible. Nearly most adventurers try to get into this course. It goes hand in hand with the Health Fitness/Health Management subject.

Health Fitness/Health ManagementEdit

One of the only subjects that focuses on the fitness of the human body. It teaches students to make the most of the human body and learn skills much easily. Has a bit of Medic lessons in as well, since it also teaches students what to do when recovering from injuries and not aggravate them. It is popular and goes hand in hand with Advanced Mana.

Chemical Science EngineeringEdit

This subject is focused on furthering the technology of Science, where most of the students applying for this subject are Sorceresses and Academics. It teaches students potion-making, chemistry, physics and science that are not in the curriculum.

Design and TechnologyEdit

This subject is mostly for Academics, though day students take it. It makes use of engineering and designing to invent machines or products. Some inventions that come from here are sold in Dengeki Electronics store in AAA, and is known to produce famous Academics and inventions such as the Wingrunners.

Leisure/Daily SubjectsEdit

These subjects are more relevant to the studies of Day Students, part-time students who are not studying to become adventurers.


Taken by day students since no adventurers saw the need to learn art. It basically focuses on art and methods of effectiveness. Completion of this subject for three years allow students to further their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lagendia.


The subject is focused on marketing, finances and basically economics. Taken by day students who are studying to become merchans or adventurers who are intending on starting a business. This subject is entirely sponsored by the Golden Goose Guild and completion of this subject for three years allows students to study in St Cassius Univerity or the Royal Univerisity of Stuart.

Home EconomicsEdit

A subject mostly taken by day students, though some adventurers do take up the subject as it teaches the many ways of cooking in the wild and research on food and nutrition. Sometimes goes hand in hand with Health Management as it concerns diet and health.


This subject is offered to those who wish to pursue a music career, mostly day students. It teaches students to use instruments and sing. Completion of this subject for three years allow students to further their studies at the Musical Academy of Lagendia.


Subject mainly for aspiring blacksmiths, taken by day students. It has been gaining popularity as adventurers wish to enhance weapons themselves as some blacksmiths have been dishonest.