She's irreplaceable, my important friend. (On why she continues to befriend Sato Yukihiro)
Personal Info
Alias/es Tsu
Race Human (mutated)
Gender Female
Date of Birth

1st January

Age 17
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 165cm/53.4kg
Eye/Hair Color Unable to define/Black hair

3-2/Elemental Lord


Altea Adventurer Academy Historian Club

Mode of Transport Staff Flight
Ability Info
Weapon type Spellbook, Staff
Weapon Name

The Principles of Mana Mechanics

Fighting style Mid
Attack Type Magical

Fire, Ice

Special Ability

Black Mana

Berserk Mode

Black Mana

Place of Origin Presumed somewhere in Lagendia
Relatives David Memphos (Guardian), Cindy Florence (Mother), Ikari Issac (Father)

Tsubutaki is a 3rd year student at Altea Adventurer Academy. She is an Elemental Lord.


((Subjected to changes))

Tsubutaki never knew who her parents were, only that they were defected Dragon Followers. She was found abandoned as a baby in the forest by the Sorceresses, on the outskirts of Mana Ridge. It did not take long for the Sorceresses to find the "Marked for Death" brand on her right hand. Due to this, she was taken in to Fairystar for her protection, leaving her in the care of an orphanage in Mana Ridge owned by Fairystar, which did its best to ensure she is alive.

As Tsubutaki grew older, the Sorceresses of Fairystar discovered that she possessed a rare, but dark gift - Black Mana. It is a powerful source for magic, easily twice as potent as the common Blue Mana, but comes with a deadly condition - Mental Degradation. Without proper help or guidance, Tsubutaki would be driven mad by the chaotic nature of Black Mana. As the Sorceress debated on a course of action, Tsubutaki befriended another Sorceress Trainee, Sato Yukihiro.

Because of the bond formed with her only friend, Tsubutaki's condition was improved significantly. Despite background protests to remove the threat, several Master Sorceresses saw potential from the situation, although they agreed that it was simply too dangerous to ignore the possibility of Tsubutaki losing control of herself.

After some arrangements, Tsubutaki and Sato were taken to the Altea Adventurer Academy. The Fairystar branch there took care of the arrangements, and the pair came under the care of a male Sorcerer Instructor, a senior member of Fairystar. The Master Sorceresses explained the situation to him. To Tsubutaki, nothing beats the idea of learning and studying in a highly renowned school. 

Tsubutaki's 'gift' granted her a sitting in the first year, but it was a close call, if her Master Sorceress had not explain the dangers to the Instructor. Now, she is working hard, all the while struggling against her condition, sometimes causing accidents to happen. She's now learning to control her Black Mana, so it does not go berserk. Because of this, her specialization course is Advanced Mana.


On the surface, her 'Black Mana' condition affects only her eyes - The iris is an abyss-black color when seen from afar, but at very close-up, her iris is, in fact, absorbing all lights and colors into the eyeballs. They were a pair of mana  black-holes, forever sucking Flux from the atmosphere.

When her 'Black Mana' takes over, the whites of her eyes are completely swallowed by the black-hole iris, giving off an effect that she has no eyes.


Natural black hair (Researchers was able to confirm that it IS natural, and not due to her condition), kept short at shoulder length, with roughly equal length fringes. A healthy orange-tan skin and slightly baby-faced.

Her right hand bears the 'Marked for Death', an unerasable symbol that tells many others about her dangerous situation - That the Dragon Followers, an organisation that revolves around worshipping the legendary Chaos Dragon, had their eyes set on her, and would readily strike her down at any given opportunity. So far, no such incidents have happened.


Much like her best friend, Tsubutaki prefers an uniform skirt during school period. Her additional, non-standard includes a pair of leather gloves, the right glove specially tailored (by Sato) to have a hole that displays her 'Marked for Death' symbol.

Casually, Tsubutaki has no qualms about her wardrobe, though her roommate (again, Sato) gave her many clothing to wear, most of it were modified clothes bought from Gigiclothes. Some of them tends to be a little too revealing for her taste, so she has black jackets and hoodies that covers up nicely.


  • Hardworking and fairly serious student, she has a lot of grounds to cover, in terms of her studies and controls.
  • Humble, always try to shy away from any fame and attention.
  • Very trusting of Yukihiro Sato, sometimes to the point where she is not able to tell if Sato is joking or being serious.
  • Dislikes people with half-hearted attitude towards requests.

Special AbilityEdit

The 'Black Mana' condition is a double-edge sword - Magic created from Black Mana is easily twice as potent versus the normal 'Blue Mana', but in exchange, the wielder's mind degrades rapidly. In essense, the brain melts as Black Mana pours through the mind. Other side effect is physical degeneration, though the process is minor and reversible - Mana forcefully pours out from her body whenever she uses any magic-related abilities, enhancing the level of magic she uses, but the forceful nature often leaves mana-burns on her skin.

On physical changes, her eyes are the most prominent features - Her iris are basically non-existant. In its place are a pair of black holes that, due to some unexplainable reason, continously absorb Flux (Negative mana) from the atmosphere. Secondary effect is that the black holes suck light around it, Normally, a human sees the environment because light is reflected into the iris that acts as a len, sending information to the brain. Researchers are unable to determine how Tsubutaki is able to 'see', but she has reported nothing different than from that of a normal human. Her eyeballs are completely solid as well, which a simple touch on her closed eyelids suggested.

However, the mental degradation has created a minor, but fully self-aware alternate personality of Tsubutaki. Basically, the negative emotions of Tsubutaki that she hides well surfaces. Because of her friendship with one Yukihiro Sato , the dark side (negative emotions) of Tsubutaki is very weak, and she would mostly diss and curse at people. That is as far as emotions go, unfortunately - Her Black Mana, during this condition, is severely 'ramped' up, making even the most basics of magic incredibly dangerous.

During the time when her 'Black Mana' takes over, the area around her also becomes a null-zone - magic that does not contain the black mana cannot exist within centimeters of her. Vis (Positive mana) is ejected, and Flux is continously absorbed. Theorically, if she continues in this manner for an extended period of time, her body will eventually implode, either physically or magically from excess of the poisonous Flux.

Extended BackgroundEdit

Tsubutaki is the result of a human experiement conducted by the scientific-side of the Dragon Followers, to create a potential vessel for the Chaos Descendant. Firstly, a concived female is exposed to the Vox (Null mana) of Mist Land for an extended period of time, then give birth in the Flux (Negative mana) zone, its location close by to the Forest of Memories. Finally, Tsubutaki is meant to be raised under the shadows of the Mist Land's Tree of Life, where her successfully created Black Mana would absorb the essence of the Tree.

The final phase was cut short by an oversight in the Dragon Followers' part - A Dark Elf Priestess, Elizabeth, led a group of sympathisers and deflected during the beginning of the end of a Dark Empire Civil War. In an effort to disrupt the organisation that had first caused the massive rift, Elizabeth stole the toddler and took her away. Her escaped had almost failed when Tsubutaki's biological mother, Cindy Florence, stood in her path. A powerful Gladiator of her own right, Cindy single-handedly held off Elizabeth and her sympathisers until the other Dragon Followers arrived. When the situation deteriorated, Elizabeth had to make the ultimate decision of abandoning her people. Her soldiers, knowing the situation, gladly sacrificed themselves to let their leader escape.

During the fight, Elizabeth failed to take note that the toddler was attacked, though it was only the lousy death mark crap that made no sense to her whatsoever. However, under the mark itself, laid an undiscovered secondary magic.

On the run, chased by Cindy and the Dragon Followers, Elizabeth would arrive at the outskirts of Mana Ridge, in the forest where she first met David Memphos, still a young aspiring Sorcerer himself. Elizabeth handed the toddler to David, who took her to the clerics stationed in Mana Ridge for healing. After meeting David once more, to confirm that the toddler was safe, Elizabeth left, leading Cindy away from the toddler.

Three years later, David graduated from the Magic Research and Development. He left little Tsubutaki, who would soon forget about her 'big brother', under the care of the orphanage, in order to begin his journey.


  • She is taking the elective - Advance Mana.
  • Her pocket money comes from her guardian, David Memphos.
  • Her spellbook is a 'hands-me-down' from her guardian.
  • Likes - Sorcery Class, Spell Books, Tea, Cookies
  • Dislikes - Her Brand, Obnoxious Classmates, Coffee
  • She shares a room with Yukihiro Sato. Dorm A, Block 5, Room 3-01.