Vaan Egalden
Personal Info
Alias/es Coach Vaan, Mr. Egalden
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth


Age 28
Laterality Left-handed
Height/Weight 175cm/60kg
Eye/Hair Color Dark blue/Brown





Altea Adventurer Academy, Free Adventurer's Guild

Mode of Transport -
Ability Info
Weapon type Hammer
Weapon Name


Fighting style Melee
Attack Type {{{attack type}}}
Place of Origin Calderock
Relatives Uncle

Vaan Egalden is a coach who is teaching at Altea Adventurer Academy .


Vaan was born in the peaceful port city of Calderock. He lived with his family happily, and was quite popular with the other children. This life changed drastically when the Calderock Conflict occurred. The boy narrowly escaped death by hiding in a warehouse with the other children. He lost his parents in the incident, witnessing their deaths as they were beaten to death by an Orc. It traumatised him severely that he became very quiet. He was soon rescued by a Free Adventurer Guild member and was sent to his uncle, his only remaining relative.

He started to do volunteer work in order to kill off the pain that he had been feeling upon the loss of his own parents. At the same time, he started training to become a warrior so that he would not be alone again and wish to save others from having his fate. His uncle then sent him to the academy, and ever since the incident had the most happiest time of his life. He met a good few friends and became a wanderer after graduating. On his journey, he met Andrew who was homeless and surviving on the streets. Vaan decided to adopt him, as Andrew was just like him - lost in what to do with his life. After sending Andrew to the academy, he decided to go and teach at the school as well.