Vincenzo L'atore
Personal Info
Alias/es Vinnie
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 175 cm / 150 lbs
Eye/Hair Color Black / Purple

3-2 / Alchemist


Have Fun Club / (butler cafe name here)

Mode of Transport Wingrunners
Ability Info
Weapon type Kabala
Fighting style Short to Mid range
Attack Type Magical

Dark, Fire, Ice, Light

Special Ability

Intermediate seduction

Place of Origin Saint Haven
Relatives *Amaroso L'atore (twin brother)

Vincenzo L'atore is a third year Alchemist studying at Altea Adventurer Academy


Vincenzo originally did not plan to become an adventurer. His sudden change of plan was brought about by his brother's decision to attend AAA. Amaroso convinced him to attend AAA on the pretense that they could find new friends and in there, they are considered as equal.

He chose the Academic course on a whim, partly because he was interested at the idea of sapping a person's life with a large injection.



He also has shoulder length purple hair and black eyes. The only physical aspect that differentiates him from his twin brother is a cowlick on the right side of his face.


Casually, he wears buttoned shirts and pants. He would wear them loosely, with one or two buttons unbuttoned.


  • He is also flirty. The only difference is that Vincenzo asks out girls for dates whereas his brother simply sweet-talks them. He would then forget about the girl in a week and move on to another one.
  • He often thinks up some crazy ideas whenever the situation becomes "boring"
  • Despite this, he is very protective when it comes to his younger siblings.
  • Whenever he is left alone, he would read books or daydream.


  • Every now and then, he would disguise himself as his twin brother then ask out the girls that were interested to his brother. This often caused a lot of trouble and confusion to Amaroso
  • Whenever his sadistic desires resurface, he would conjure a large injection with his kabala and repeatedly stab an inanimate object until it blows over. He also do this whenever he is frustrated
  • He hates being compared to his brother.
  • He took the Strategist course as one of his electives.
  • He shares the same dorm room with his twin.