Wingzelium Arutheum Hather
Wingzel pic
(to Haruka) Why the hell did you bring me here?! (Day 1, Scenario 17)
Personal Info
Alias/es Haruka


Race Human
Gender Male
Age 15
Laterality Right-handed
Eye/Hair Color Blue/White

2-1 / Priest


Library Club

Mode of Transport Walking
Ability Info
Weapon type Wand
Fighting style Melee to Mid-Range
Attack Type Magical


Place of Origin Prairie Town
Relatives The Hather Family

Wingzelium Hather is a 2nd Year Priest in Altea Adventurer Academy


Wingzel is a studious young man who prefers to be in the comfort of his books and is a little socially awkward. He dislikes to exercise, especially for long hours. He has always believed in the Goddess as a child and wished to aid others to keep on living. His family supported him in becoming a cleric, allowing him to study in the academy. He has a childhood friend who often drags him into her crazy antics and adventures. He cares for his younger sister and would always write letters to his family often. Though he likes horseback riding, he does not have a mount. He aspires to enter the Medic course.



Wingzel is a pale skinned, lanky youth, whose Physical Fitness is somehow lacking.



He is very quiet, speaking when it is necessary. He is very diligent, always accompanied with a book and always hangs out in the library. He likes helping others resolve their problems, only when they ask for it or need it badly. He can be rather stubborn at times, but will always admit his mistakes. Also has a bit of a sharp tongue. He is a bit over-protective of his younger sister, and is very dedicated to his work and learning. Wingzel tries to make up for what he lacks, and never makes excuses.

  • Likes: Reading, horseback riding, and playing chess. Studying, gathering general knowledge. Likes apple pie and chocolate Ice cream.
  • Dislikes: Extreme physical activity, dishonest people, teddy bears. Also dislikes people who do not see the value of books. He doesn't like it when people try to act as though they are friends when they are not.


Haruka Quance

Wingzel is Haruka's childhood friend. They met when Haruka visited her uncle's house in Prairie Town and also happened to enter the academy at the same time. She somehow forced him to wear a teddy bear costume for a charity event for children, earning the poor boy the nickname Pedo-bear among his ex-classmates

Shiori Von Marquis

Wingzel's classmate during his first year and second year in the academy. He's the second closest friend to him aside from Haruka.

Sena Yuuki

Another one of Wingzel's classmates during his first year and second year in the academy. He used to be a lone wolf until Haruka invited him over to join her, Wingzel and Shiori for lunch. They managed to become good friends and Wingzel is almost always Sena's voice of reason when the latter goes berserk.

Rei Signum

Wingzel's classmate during his first and second year in the academy. He also became his roommate during their second year. Despite both boys' quiet natures, they tend to talk to each other quite a lot when they're alone.

Shura Kirisaki

Wingzel's classmate during his second year in the academy. They just met during lunch on the first day because Shiori and Haruka noticed Shura all alone on the rooftop. He has joined him in the "Haruka's special group of loners" ever since.

Chelsea Coraline Karaina

The younger cousin of Wingzel's childhood friend, Haruka. She treats him as an older brother because of his closeness with her older cousin. Wingzel has a soft spot for her since she reminds him of his younger sister.

Scenario InvolvementEdit

Day 1, Scenario 1

Day 1, Scenario 4

Day 1, Scenario 5 + 6


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