Yoona Isejun
Personal Info
Alias/es Yoona
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth

May 16th

Age 17
Laterality Ambidextrous
Height/Weight 165cm/52kg
Eye/Hair Color Teal/Brown



Student Council

Mode of Transport Broomstick
Ability Info
Weapon type Thick Book, Staff
Fighting style Mid-range
Attack Type Elemental

Ice, Fire

Place of Origin Saint Haven
Relatives Members of the Isejun Family

Yoona Isejun is a 4th year student studying at Altea Adventurer Academy. She is the current Student President.


Yoona was raised to be the successor to the Isejun family, so she was raised as a boy. But when her brother was born she was able to dress freely like a girl. She decided to attend the Altea Adventurer Academy as it is prestigious and wanted to do what she wants in her life instead of being given the burden of inheriting the titles. She has her own mount, but owns a carriage. As Student President, she resides in the North Wing. She always tries to help others for the betterment of the school. She took the Strategist course as one of her electives.



She has long brown hair accompanied with a pink hairclip and has black eyes. She is quite tall for girls her age.


Wears the uniform with a brooch signifying that she is the Student President.


She is incredibly shy but is serious in leading the school to be a better place for girls like her. She can be very open-minded and brave, refusing to lose to people who trample on others. She cannot ignore acts of injustice just like her friend Ian, and will intervene to prevent it from escalating.


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