Sato Yukihiro
Personal Info
Alias/es Goddess Sato (By fanboys), Sato
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth

3 August

Age 16
Laterality Right-handed
Height/Weight 161cm / 42.2kg
Eye/Hair Color Deep hazel / Red

3-2 / Force User


Fashion Club / Kyaa Cafe

Mode of Transport Staff Flight
Ability Info
Weapon type Mini Orb (affixed on a bangle) and Basic Staff
Fighting style Long Range
Attack Type Magical

Dark, Neutral

Special Ability

Luscious-Boy radar

Place of Origin Mana Ridge
Relatives Merchant Parents, David Memphos (Guardian)

Yukihiro Sato (Commonly referred as 'Sato') is a 3rd year student at Altea Adventurer Academy. She is a Force User.


A cheerful kid with the ability to use magic, Sato lived with her merchant mother in Mana Ridge. Sato was massively curious about the world around her, and always seeked to play with other children or get into trouble. But when the other children started their lessons with their Master Sorceresses, Sato began to felt lonely. As she was able to use magic, her mother had her apprenticed under a Master Sorceress as well. 

At the age of 6, an incident happened while Sato was having a lesson with her master. She was told to stay in the room while her master went to investiage with the other Master Sorceress, but she was curious about the strange, black fog that was rising from the orphanage. She followed her master in secret, managing to avoid any attention as everyone's attention were affixed to the fog. By the time Sato reached the building, most Master Sorceresses, including renowned Lady Karacule.

Continuing to avoid being found, Sato snuck around to the back. There, she found young Tsubutaki . Sato, eager to make a friend, immediately began talking to Tsubutaki, who was in a daze. The Master Sorceresses would eventually find the two girls, Sato talking animatedly to Tsubutaki while the girl trying to catch up to her.

Later, Sato was punished for disobeying her master about staying in the house. Tsubutaki was taken to other places where Sato did not know. At first, little Sato was sad that her new-found friend disappeared, and she became alone again. But when Tsubutaki appeared and came to find her, she was elated. The two were almost inseparateable.

When they were older, Tsubutaki decided to tell Sato many secrets - About herself, about her powerful but dangerous condition, and about the 'tattoo' on her hand. That inadvertably led to the subject about Dragon Followers, Tsubutaki's unknown heritage, and her future plans. Sato did not understand at first, but as they became of age to begin the next stage of their learning, Sato finally realised what her best friend was thinking of.

At their 14th year, Master Sorceresses brought their individual students to the renowned Altea Adventurer Academy, where many accomplished magic users had studied at before. As Sato greeted her old friends, their masters and those of the academy set up tests that would decide if they could study at the academy. 

However, Sato and Tsubutaki had different cases. When the apprentices began their enrollment tests, the duo were brought into another office for a meeting. Sato's master explained that, due to Tsubutaki's unique case and their bond, the two had needed a different environment. They were introduced to Master Sorcerer David Memphos, an instructor of the academy who was also senior member of Fairystar. Sorcerers were few and far in-between, and the prospects of learning under one, especially a senior member of Fariystar, was high. He was explained about the situation of the duo. After a moment of thought, he simply gave the two aspiring Sorceress similar enrollment tests.

Sato passed easily, as expected of her master.

Thus, the duo began their life-changing paths in the academy. Sato would eventually choose the path of a Force User, the sister-path to the Elemental Lord, which was Tsubutaki's choosing.

In the First Year, Sato learned about Kyaa Cafe. She immediately applied to be a waitress there, because boys seemed to patronize the maid cafe regularly. She also became a member of the Fashion Club, designing and making eye-catching clothes and dresses that would attract attention from boys. She gave Tsubutaki some of her self-made dresses to fill her best friend's wardrobe.

In the Second Year, Sato's performance at Kyaa Cafe would led her to win the annual popularity contest. She was later dubbed 'Yukihime' by her fanboys. Not too long after, a strange rumor began to spread ('innocently' started by her guardian, Instructor David) about her. Somehow, that made her even more popular, and also let Tsubutaki grow in popularity (though pales in comparison).


Much of her style comes from reading and improvising from a weekly-updated magazine by the name of "Oh my Goddess!", which is a girls magazine that focuses on trends that captures the attention of the opposite sex (at least, the parts that Sato reads). She follows the magazine closely, but adds in her personal tastes.


Long red hair that flows down to the back. She opt to keep it unbinded. She will only bind it during physical trainings.

Her figure appears to be slim, looking somewhat underweight. While she does not starve herself, she eats a lesser amount than others normally would. Her guardian has explictly instructed her to eat more (casting magic not only requires a healthy mind, but a healthy body as well!), and she is... By having more sweets and snacks rather than complete meals.

She is proud of her C-cups.


During school periods, she opts for an uniform skirt. She feels that it suits her style better, giving her a more mature look. 

Casually, she dresses to attract the attention of boys, giving some eye-candy to her fan-club (mostly, the fanboys), and to seduce luscious-looking boys. While that works sometimes, her personality (and habit to glomp someone) would usually cause a breakdown in relationship.


  • Boy-crazed - Due to her growing environment (Mana Ridge) had a distintive lack of the opposite sex, Sato was understandably excited about making new boy friends. Her reasonable thought grew to become a massive craze, as she continued to find hot, pretty, handsome, or otherwise luscious-looking boys and must get to know them.
  • Frequents Gigiclothes on a regular basis.
  • Cheerful, carefree, and playful.


  • ((To be further updated))
  • She shares a room with Tsubutaki. Dorm A, Block 5, Room 3-01.