Yuni Celesti
All your shinies are belong to me.
Personal Info
Alias/es Yuni, The Con-artist
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Laterality Left-handed
Height/Weight 168cm/52.5kg
Eye/Hair Color {{{eye/hair color}}}



Kyaa Cafe

Mode of Transport Walking/Wingrunner
Ability Info
Weapon type Kabala, Feather pen and Notepad
Weapon Name

The Shiny Collector

Fighting style Mid
Attack Type Magical


Special Ability

Haggle Intermediate Lv5, Banter Intermediate Lv5

Place of Origin Saint Haven
Relatives Farmer Father and Brother, Merchant Mother

Yuni Celesti is a 3rd year student at Altea Adventurer Academy. She is an Alchemist.


Yuni's parents led a simple life, selling herbs and potions in a corner of the Saint Haven to adventurers and townsfolk. Since young, Yuni had played a 'big' part at her mother's shop, attracting customers with her bubbly spirit.

It helped that her baby-face also attracted lots of attention, but she ignored that fact. She liked to think it was her spirit that did the job.

Mixing herbs and making potions became part of her life, and bartering and haggling became her trade as she grew older and began understanding more. And with her older brother working in the farm with her father, the family agreed that Yuni should learn more about being a merchant.

Saving some expenses, her family sent Yuni to the Altea Adventurer Academy, where they provide mundane studies for students who took up daily businesses as well.



Bespectacled, black hair tied into a bun at the top.


Usually dressed in Kyaa Cafe's available costumes (One - She does not have much money to spend for clothes. Two - It works very well as an advertising method), but tends to favor a simple maid's dress.


Taught to show her bright side to customers at all times, Yuni always wear a bright and happy smile. She rarely raises her voice, unless the environment was noisy.

Kind and helpful on the outside, but calculating on the inside. If there is any point where a business can be made, she will barter or haggle for it. She can be unrelenting at times.


  • Taking Business as an elective.
  • She shares a room with another female NPC. Dorm D, Block 3, Room 3-012.